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"A wonderful child friendly resource. The children were all completely engaged and clearly loved the stories. Thank you so much Peter. Highly recommended!" 
Carmen Hargreaves EYFS 


"The KS1 children (including reception) were captivated and fully engaged in your lovely animated stories. Not a whisper or movement for 45 minutes! Thank you."
R James, English Subject Leader 


"A super story and a fascinating insight into using new technology in the classroom. The children really enjoyed it and many were enthused about their future careers. Thank you very much."
H Paver 


Miss Newman
"What a lovely treat to have Peter Atkinson come in and share some of his stories with us. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. They loved chatting to Teddy the dog and joining in parts of the story.
When we went back to class they were all talking about the stories. We would highly recommend to other primary schools!"


Ms Kirkham
"INSPIRATIONAL! Loved the real life interaction. Great storyteller. The children were enthralled. Thank you Peter. We will definitely use the stories and software in class."


Miss Hurst
"Fantastic interactive stories. All the children were engaged and have been asking to watch more Teddy Trouble stories. We really enjoyed our morning. Thank you Peter."


"A brilliantly told story with lovely illustrations and a superb moral! An excellent demonstration of new technology supporting storytelling."
Lynn Glee, Deputy Head 


"Two lovely stories that kept the children engaged throughout. A style of storytelling that we have not seen before."   
Thank you Peter!
S Michell 


"The children loved the Teddy Trouble stories and were engaged throughout. It was lovely for them to meet an author and illustrator and find out how you get your ideas for stories and create your animations. Many thanks!"
Mrs Hayes


"EXCELLENT AUTHOR VISIT! The children found the stories engaging and funny. They particularly liked the dream sequences and talking to the animations. Activities linked well with SPaG." 
Mrs McGrath 


"Peter's stories were very appealing for our children. They really enjoyed the dog talking back and the magic spell to see the dreams! The stories are a great educational tool to enhance children's reading. Thoroughly enjoyed by all."
E Fisher 


"All the children were engaged and loved the interactive stories. The children sat beautifully and wanted to listen to more. All the children wanted to be involved which was lovely to see. Thank you for your visit."
Miss Reyner 


"The children in class 1 really enjoyed listening and telling Teddy's stories. All the children were engaged and would love to hear more. Thank you."
Jeanette Court 

St Oswald Infant School

"What a fantastic start to our World book Day!! The children absolutely loved the stories and characters, particularly Teddy Troubles. Their behaviour throughout was fantastic and their interaction with Peter was wonderful. The children went back to class buzzing and were seen all around the classroom reading and writing and talking about Teddy. Thank you Peter, it was brilliant!"
Mrs Kilgallen

English Martyr 

"Peter is a fantastic storyteller. He had an excellent rapport with the children. An excellent message behind the story with lots of scope for disscussion. Would definitely recommend to another school and will be booking more stories ourselves."

Rudston Infants 

"What an original and novel way of telling a story! Children and staff were all captivated and really felt part of the story. The story had a great moral and the final session were children watched how characters were drawn was the icing on the cake. Please come back."

Rice Lane Juniors

"The story was very heart warming and the children loved it. It was interesting to see how the graphics were produced and we are going away with some good ideas for future ICT lessons."

Oakdene Primary School 

Children enjoyed the story and were totally absorbed. Would love to do follow up work in class (literacy/ICT

Anfield Infants

"Held the attention of staff and children for over an hour. Good moral and very different from what we have seen before. Interactive without children becoming too boisterous. Wonderful. Thank you."

Holy Name Catholic Primary 

"It was fantastic! I've never seen year six so quiet. All the children were talking about it and wanted to know when you are coming back. What a superb way of telling a story. The children felt really involved. Thank you for an incredibly enjoyable experience." 

St Hughs Catholic Primary School

"From the very beginning the children were captivated both by the storyteller and the interactive illustrations. You could tell by their faces that they were participating fully and really felt part of the action. The pace was perfect, the quality and amount of questions were pitched exactly for this age group. Excellent!" 

Much Woolton Juniors 

"A thoroughly enjoyable story. The children were captivated and obviously able to identify with the characters." 

Miss Reyner 

Booker Avenue Infants

"The children were fascinated, as was I! The story was enchanting with a clear positive moral/social message. The animation and interactive aspect captured the imagination of the children , making the story realistic and accessible. The ICT session at the end was very informative and inspired many of the children. I was also impressed by how interested several of our special needs children were (inc. downs, Aspergers). They were enthralled."

Witton Church Walk Primary School

"Peter enthused and involved the pupils with an atmospheric story that engaged the whole class. They were captivated by your animation work and demonstration. An excellent session - well-managed and inspirational. Your manner with the children was fantastic. " 

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