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Peter offers a unique storytelling experience for schools.  He interacts with his animated characters projected onto a large screen behind him.


He has a variety of stories suitable for all age groups from reception up to year six.  A day visit is usually for five performances of forty minutes.


Stories work best for groups of children of similar ages. Multiple sessions can be arranged for different age groups.

Peter will require a projector and speakers to plug his laptop in. He can bring his own equipment if necessary. 


Animation Workshops

Peter runs specialist classes in animation and programming in primary schools using Scratch animation.  


Create and Design

Children can create their own interactive stories, computer games and share their creations with the world on the Scratch website!
Scratch is also a wonderful cross-curricular tool. We custom make projects in Mathematics, Science, Literacy, Geography and History. 


Problem Solving

Children will learn basic computer programming and coding.  When children begin to code in Scratch, they learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas.


School Bookings 

You can book half or full day school workshops or even an after school animation club!
Prices for the workshops will depend upon numbers and duration of project Please contact us for more details.

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